Matt Sawyer – Rendering (Radio Date: 23-02-2023)

Matt Sawyer - Rendering (Radio Date: 23-02-2023)

Matt Sawyer – Rendering

After almost two years since the last EP, Cloud’s Song of 2021, Matt Sawyer returns with a new release for Villahangar: “Rendering”, a song whose story coincides with a personal journey that becomes musical: a starting overture, to which drums and pressing rhythms are modeled around the drop and the piano turn. An experimentation after the one in “Behind the sun”, a track together with ManuEl of Cloud’s Song EP: a psychedelic melody continues to evolve, but appeares magically, for a turn towards another surprising and unexpected direction. Created over several years, inspired by the piano turns of classics from a ten-year archive, the track starts without any main riff, only atmosphere and waiting, and after the right squaring of sounds, the melody is enriched with multiple influences. A song that is the result of a series of life experiences, beautiful or not, formative: the beginning of a new path where the freedom to express oneself in all honesty is told, with a sincere and disenchanted look.